It’s not about decorating.  It’s not a ‘how to.’  Habicurious is about the shifting, complex relationship people have with where they live.  Me included.

One of our most basic human needs is that we all need a place to live.  An address defines us on many levels and influences our relationship to others and the communities around us.

Our housing shapes us and mirrors where we’ve come from, where we are, and our hopes and dreams for the future.  Sometimes we control our choices and sometimes living conditions are thrust upon us by age, illness, economic challenges, personal history, immigration, life milestones or larger societal shifts.

As a newly-minted construction carpenter/builder with a consulting and community development background, I’m interested in the space where the bricks and mortar components intersect with the human.

I look forward to connecting with many bright and engaged individuals, companies and other organizations who are working on a variety of the shelter or community-related puzzle pieces, or are seeing innovative projects and ideas due to their innate curiosity with the world around them.  I welcome your thoughts and invitations for potential collaboration.

Kindest regards,

Andrea Cordonier

Management consultant, construction carpenter & writer/photographer @Habicurious.com


8 thoughts on “About”

  1. Great article on sleep; very well-written and certainly stirred my imagination.

    The concept of two or more, unconventional patterns of sleep in the course of a day is very compelling. When I have annual leave and get a broad stretch of time off from established patterns, I find myself doing moonlit photography, napping in the afternoon, early up in the mornings and all of this feeling so much more gently restful than the more rigid confines that my rotating shift work provides.

    Curious now to see if I end up tossing into the wee hours again tonight….

    1. Thanks, Chris for the kind comments. For me just realizing that I wasn’t “losing sleep”, really, but re-ordering it made all the difference in the world regarding my mental grasp of my changing sleep patterns. Made me way less combative – and therefore less anxious – about it.

  2. Hello.
    I loved the story about the sheep. It’s things like that which drew us to open our winery in Oxford Mills. What sold us was the night sky… with so little light polution on our road, it’s like you can see not only billions of stars, but clouds of them.
    Maybe we’ll set up a night where people bring their telescopes and stare at the heavens.

    1. Hi Louis –

      Thank you for your comment and glad you liked the piece. I, too, was admiring the sky just the other night. We almost have a dark sky preserve going…I very much like your idea about some stargazing. I am certain I can find someone local who would be our guide and I can think of numerous people who would be up for this kind of event. Let’s put our heads together and concoct something interesting.

      Please stay in touch.

      Kindest, Andrea

  3. I love the idea of stepping back and looking at our housing and community choices from a larger perspective (or at small bits from a different angle) and considering this information in the context of my own life. Because of shifting priorities (early retirement) Glen and I will be leaving the home we have loved for the past 15 years and building a new home – but without the ocean front and natural privacy. This is a smart decision intellectually, but a significant challenge emotionally. We both want to create the same emotional bond to our new ‘home’ – whatever this will look like – and not get caught up in mourning the loss of our current environs, or become overwhelmed by the decisions around what/how to build. Turning this voluntary change into a positive and energizing experience is important. I have discovered that my relationship with my home is complex and intense. Thanks for your blog Andrea!

    1. We will definitely be chatting about your upcoming changes soon, maybe even documenting them? Have Toolbelt Will Travel you know, so an extended stay on Vancouver Island is always a possibility :)

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