My Algonquin College/Tradeschool Experience

Advanced Housing Program at Algonquin College, Perth, Ontario

September 2008 to April 2010

These two years rushed by and even the most frustrating days were exciting and wondrous.

From a carpentry perspective I started virtually from scratch, sweating over the rudimentary lessons that others took for granted.  Every detail in shop class warranted my unequivocal attention as I learned what amounts to a new language.  And while swinging a hammer was a big part of the program, much of my time was also spent learning the critical building science principles and studying other associated subjects that rounded out my knowledge base.

As an adult learner I constantly pushed the envelope with my professors who were as passionate about their craft as I was about learning it.   The eternal “Why??” was my battle cry and they did a fantastic job of helping me to discover the answers to my myriad questions.  At night I was like a woman possessed, reading everything I could get my hands on to supplement my daily learnings.

I had the pleasure of working with nearly all of my classmates on one project or another and each brought their unique skills, charm, knowledge and sense of humour to the undertakings.  I laughed everyday – everyday! – which is a precious  and rare commodity in life.

For me the program was a perfect blend of the intellectual, creative and physical and I wanted for nothing.

Silversides House Build – 2nd Year Project – Done!



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