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An early morning bouquet for Bellissima’s room: peonies, third wave of lilacs, rosa rugosas, prolific lemon balm, rotund chive blooms, Siberian iris, Nepeta and all.

Seems early for some of these lovelies, a treat for Miss Bella, the bees, and me.

2 thoughts on “Bouquet”

  1. So this is how people in the new new age communicate with each other..on their respective blogs.
    Didn’t do the games in their names, but I like your idea of cryptic clues. Sort of like a big web crossword puzzle. A crossweb puzzle. There, that’s it.

    1. So glad to get your blog entries in my mailbox most days. As Tolkien says: “Not everyone who wanders is lost.” I think of you and Katrina and your unknown roads and paths that eventually lead you to where you need to go. Wandering – or in your case biking – is my second favourite thing in the world. There’s nothing like a bit of mystery and happenstance.

      Keep well and I’m sure we’ll catch up to you on the “other side” when we get in. Flying out of Ottawa on the 15th, arriving in Paris on the a.m. of the 16th.


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