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Nicolas Cage Returns to Burritt’s Rapids

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In 1986, a 22-year-old shirtless Nicolas Cage starred as world-champion sculler Ned Hanlan in the Canadian film production of “The Boy in Blue,” partially shot in the village of Burritt’s Rapids, Ontario over eight days in September 1984.

On Wednesday, April 19th, 2017, Cage will make a return visit to Burritt’s Rapids, a tiny village in the southwest corner of Ottawa. This time around fans will have to settle for the sweaty, celluloid version of the popular actor.

Despite being released 31 years ago, “The Boy in Blue” has never been publicly screened in the village. For years there’s been talk about getting together for a group screening but it never came together. Then up popped National Canadian Film Day 150 and REEL Canada, a non-profit that promotes Canadian film. Thanks to their sleuthing, we have a copy in our hot little hands and are screening it at the Burritt’s Rapids Community Hall tomorrow night. We will be one of nearly 1,700 screenings of Canadian films taking place across Canada on April 19th.

Check out the Facebook page: Nicolas Cage in Burritt’s Rapids for info as well as photos from the original shoot and a collection of newspaper clippings. Here’s the flyer and the full press release is below.

Contact me at if you have any questions or see the press release below. See you tomorrow night!

Nicolas Cage Returns to Burritt's Rapids

“The Boy in Blue” is set in England with the Rideau Canal standing in for the Thames River. It is based on the life of Toronto sculler Ned Hanlan and his early adoption of the sliding seat, a key invention at the time. The cast includes Nicolas Cage, Cynthia Dale (Street Legal), Christopher Plummer (The Sound of Music, Girl with the Dragon Tattoo), David Naughton (American Werewolves in London, Sharknado 5) and Sean Sullivan (2001: A Space Odyssey, The Dead Zone).

As many locals were extras in the film, attendees can expect much shouting and finger pointing as familiar faces pop up on screen.

The production was not only a curiosity, it offered a long-term benefit for the small community. A local group of volunteers calling themselves “The Geriatric Builders” used surplus set materials to build an annex on the community hall.

The event is free and open to the general public. Seating is offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Free popcorn and non-alcoholic beverages will be served, compliments of the Burritt’s Rapids Community Association (BRCA). Costumes and props are welcome. And, of course, there will be some special swag to give away.

Please note that the film has an R rating due to full frontal nudity in a single scene. As the characters remove articles of clothing, viewers will have ample time to shield the eyes of any children or prurient onlookers. Sensitive adults may wish to turn their eyes to the wall and think of England until the moment passes.

For more information, please contact:
Andrea Cordonier, Event Organizer or Tel: (613) 269-4585
Facebook Page: Nicolas Cage in Burritt’s Rapids/@NicCageBurrittsRapids


Full Press Release: Nicolas Cage Returns to Burritt’s Rapids

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