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Guerrilla Art for Curious People

It took 18 years of rural living for Guerrilla Art for Curious People to appear.

The idea popped into my brain because I love nothing more than discovering public art in unexpected places. Every time I’m surprised by an installation – turning a corner or driving through a neighborhood – my body vibrates, my head alights and I am consumed by happiness. To quote Mr. Whitman, I Sing the Body Electric. Continue reading Guerrilla Art for Curious People

360° of Franc van Oort (Pt. 2)

Note: There is now a Part 1 which can be found here.

Don’t go looking for Part 1 of this piece because it has yet to be written. I am exercising my right to choose the cadence and order of storytelling; here the order is immaterial except for the lack of a formal introduction of artist Franc van Oort, and an explanation of our Six Degrees of (Circuitous) Separation.

The good news is this is a self-explanatory pictorial essay about the life-size camera obscura, Eyebox, van Oort has installed outside of Perth, Ontario as part of the open-air fieldwork collection of multi-media land art. Months ago, I had the good fortune to check out the prototype in his studio and I’ve been waiting for a blanket of snow – and preferably a bright sunny day – to check out the real thing. With our mild and grey fall and winter weather a timely visit was bumped. And bumped. And bumped again. Sun or no sun, I could wait no longer. Continue reading 360° of Franc van Oort (Pt. 2)