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Nobody Tells This to Beginners, He Says

It took some clickety-clicking to find the derivative work, but here’s John McWade’s original posting on Ira Glass and the beginnings of creativity.

It’s worth watching Mr. Glass’s video if:

a) You’ve ever thought of learning a skill or creating something new; or

b) See above.

Mr. Glass’s thesis is this: Creatives are compelled to create, but there is a gap between what they envision and what they can do, a gap between taste and ability.  And this frustrating ineptitude is likely to continue for some time before the magic appears.

He believes it is the nature of the creative (and learning) process to suck.  Not an entirely new message, but freshly and frankly told by someone who has known the good, the bad and the ugly.


In the spirit of Ira Glass, I am posting my very first short film, Snow in May, shot one day last month during a violent fit of positional vertigo (kind of dumb to be lying in the middle of the road when the world starts to spin).

I like it.  It makes me happy.  Seems being bad at something can also be lots of fun.

[cvg-video videoId=’3′ width=’640′ height=’360′ mode=’playlist’ /]

Page 23

Think those models in furniture catalogues don’t have a life?  Think again. Amazing what lengths some people will go to for style.

A short film by Jeroen Houben, Tim Arts, and Stefan van den Boogaard made during the 48 Hour film project in Utrecht, 2011.  Discovered via http://www.shortfilmfests.com.